my chickens are caughing


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11 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Loudoun County, VA
Ive noticed some coughing (sneezing)? in my flock for the past month. No other symptoms. Egg production is normal and no discharge/odor etc... Should I be worried? Am I doing anything wrong? Ive searched the forums and it seems dust could be a problem. Im doing the built up litter technique and maybe im not wetting it down enough? any help would be appreciated.
I also like Vet Rx found at farm supply stores.
My daughter is studying alternative health and when she was here to visit about a month ago she got out her little bag of essential oils and we used it on a very sick hen and it gave her a great deal of relief. I'd heard so much about the Vet Rx, I thought I'd just buy some to keep on hand. I'm a big believer in reading ingredients and guess what... It was almost exactly the same thing my daughter had conjured up for my chick.
wow thanks for the fast response. Ive checked online and I have the chicken health handbook but no match for low grade slow onset sneezing seems to fit my situation. ??

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