My chickens are hatching!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Jacquiw, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Jacquiw

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    I have and incubator with 22 eggs all has been going well have got about 8 pipped atm - my problem is one hatched and is jumping all over the place knocking all the eggs quite violently it is half dried - I decided to take it out and put into the heated box. Have I done the wrong thing? should I put it back I was all ready to leave it there for a couple of days but it is worrying me that it is going to wreck to other eggs... please help What should I do? Regards Jacqui[​IMG]
  2. countrylover

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    Jan 3, 2014
    Don't worry it won't wreck the other eggs. The noise from this chick will encourage the others to hatch. If the others have piped don't open it again as the humidity needed for those to hatch will be lost and this may affect the hatch. Good luck with the rest of the hatch.
  3. Jacquiw

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    Thankyou so much! I have been up for hours pacing back and forth wondering if I have done the wrong thing. The chick seems to be ok so far and there are 12 piped ones atm with 2 quite big holes and lots of movement. So I don't think I will get much done today!!!! When I took the chick out I put in a warm sponge so I hope I haven't lost to much humidity. Thanks for replying [​IMG]
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    If you are worried about hurting other egg's and you new [​IMG]
    is jumping all over then everything is good and give um some
    water and feed and of course some heat [​IMG]

    Good luck
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    If a chick gets to rowdy you can always darkin the room,it helps.
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  6. Jacquiw

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    Hi thanks everyone for the tips!! So far I have 13 new babies today - I am kind of relaxed about it now but this morning I was having kittens!!! I have had chickens for a few years now and just broody chooks looking after their babies. Its so easy that way. Thought I would try the incubator, I think it will take a couple of times to get used to but so far 11 left and only 2 don't have pips yet. Timing is pretty good tomorrow is 21 days....[​IMG]

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