My chickens are laying eggs, but my granddaughters chickens are not laying


Apr 10, 2016
So why is it I bought six golden sex link chickens. Kept three for me and gave three to my granddaughter. Mine have started laying and hers have not. Any suggestions
Chickens hate change, and it can take a few weeks till they feel secure in new surroundings. They need to be kept as stress free as possible, no barking dogs, no unusual noises - like lawn mowers near them etc. No grabbing and holding on laps etc.

Once they start to settle in your granddaughter can try just sitting near them - reading or maybe listening to soft music, so they see she is not a predator. She can bring them treats now and then to earn their trust.

Is you GD raising them in similar situation like you do with yours?

Sex links? Like they've said already, they don't like change, but I bet they start soon. Sex links are great layers.
Hi and welcome to BYC. Is your GD same feed regime that you are?

Hope they buck their ideas up soon.

Best wishes
I actually bought them at the same time and she raised hers and I have raised mine. Mine are laying and hers have not started producing eggs. Any suggestions?
yes, she actually has a bigger area than I do. She actually started raising hers the same time I started mine. Did not move them after they where grown.

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