my chickens are not laying


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Hello everyone,

I have 10 Barred Rock chickens which I bought last year in May from Agway, and 7 Red Island mix chickens which I hatched last summer plus 3 roosters. So, my BR chickens are not laying eggs even when the weather is nice. I got few eggs from other chickens but not BR plus for some reason roosters doesn't mate with them my other 7 chickens have naked backs but roosters just ignore the BR. Why? Right now I get like an occasional egg or 2 and that's all. My ducks and geese are laying regularly and even yang turkeys but not chickens. Whats wrong with them? Any ideas?
My 4 girls have also stopped; because they all went broody except for one. I broke two of them of the broody behavior. One had chicks; and only one is laying.
my are not broody I don't think it is possible for all of them to be broody especially when there is no eggs to sit on
the funny thing is I have two bantams chickens and they keep laying eggs everyday so we have two little eggs per day. I don't know what would we do without our bantams chickens

I am going to start my chickens on medication I am afraid that they have some kind of parasites inside.
I have 3 bantam girls. 2 are broody by the look of it and have sat on eggs yesterday and today by the look of it. Should I move them off? We have no rooster so nothings going to happen! The third hen is a bit of a bully and keeps pecking the back of their necks. Is this normal behaviours?
Our 3 girls are still broody & not been laying fir several weeks now. They wont come out of their coop unless we physically get them out & are losing weight as nit eating alot! Getting worried now...... any suggestions? Are we doing anything wrong or is this normal? Please, any suggestions?

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