My chickens arent interested in my nest box.


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Dec 19, 2008
They want nothing to do with the nest box i havent seen one go near it. Its 3ft high is it to high? I'm going to add golf balls so they know what to do but if they dont go near it im not sure how it will help. Do i need to lower my nest box some how? i bought it off of eggcartons bc my dad got to lazy and was wondering if the wholes were to small. they are a 12x12 at least thats what the thing says i better measure.


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Apr 22, 2008
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my first question is are the bird already laying???

if they are not then they will not be to interested in them at all, if they are I would add some eggs or golf balls to the nest to let them see that is where they should lay.

as for height I do not think it is too high at all, they just need to get use to where they should be laying and they should start to lay, the holes are perfect size in my book so no worry abou tthat either.

if they are new nest boxes they just need to get use to it


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Put in golf balls and plastic easter eggs. Make certain that there is a perch in front of the hole so they can fly up and inspect the nest before going in and 3 Ft is a tad high... 24 to 30 inches is optimal... again w/ a perch in front of the hole.... and they should be at least 20 weeks old and should have red comb and squatting behavior started.

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