My chickens aren't laying as much eggs.


Jul 13, 2016
I'm new to this website even though I have had chickens for a while. My oldest chickens that I have had for over a year normally would lay around 5 or 6 eggs a day. Ever since it started getting really hot they have only been laying 3 or 4 eggs. I'm not sure why they haven't been laying as much. Is it the heat or is it something else? Can somebody help me?
Heat will definitely bring down production. Usually during the heat of summer hens slow production or some even take a break, cooler weather will increase production before they quit to molt in a few months. The best production is usually in early spring to early summer.
Also, if they are in their second laying season, their production will drop a bit, and even more in the 3rd laying season. Depending on breed, the production birds may not lay at all after the second season, or they may succumb to reproductive issues before then.
I have the same problem. It's been really hot and humid here in Missouri. My hens turned two this spring. They were laying 6-8 eggs/day (10 hens). Now I'm lucky to get 3-4. I give them 18% protein feed, plenty of food and water. I did add some pullets to the coop but I have 8 boxes and they only lay in 3. No signs of illness. I did worm them because I saw some tiny short thin worms on the poop board. They free range but even on days I keep them in the coop until mid or late afternoon, I still only have 3-4.
hello to all.....first let me say I live in Oklahoma and trust me I know heat and humidity and I have been watching my chickens close during the summer months because I noticed that during the peak heat seasons we have (lol) my chickens go from laying 8-13 a day down to 1-3 a day and sure enough all my watching has paid off each and every summer when the heat starts to really kick in I mean hitting 93 and up to our lovely 110-113 temps my hens almost stop heat and humidity do have a little play in things I add some frozen water bottles for them to cuddle with out side I make sure I keep the coop door open so it at least has air flow going through and do a whole lot of I am no chicken expert heck I don't think I even rank as high as a novice but I watch a lot...and then run to this website and match my findings with others....thank the lord for backyard chickens and all the people on it.....hey I have a 21/2 year old red cochin bantam rooster who needs a home with somebody who wont let him push them around...(I'm a woosie when it comes to roosters....but since I don't hatch eggs I don't need a roo) he is free his Name is Hank and he thinks he is a Rhode Island Red we have massive attacks weekly from hawks and falcons and he has yet to have a hen taken from him.....although cant say the same for babies when I do have them he seems to throw them to the hawks so everybody else can get any way I really would like a new home for him if you want him he is free....and he has no problems mounting the full grown hens although the brahma hens (think that's right) are to tall for him but he tries....anyway let me know if you want him....

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