My chicken's foot is missing!

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    Sep 6, 2011
    We had a predator get a chicken and wound another chicken's foot. We then had to go out of town and when we came back the foot was gone! We did have a coyote get another hen over the weekend but I'm almost wondering if the other hens in the run were pecking at the wound, is that possible that they would peck it to the point of removing it or was it a coyote? Also, can an adult hen survive with just one leg?
    Also, is aspirin still the way to go for chickens?
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    Sep 28, 2014
    Hi @chickenfishfarm that is so upsetting, poor things :(

    I know for a fact that chickens will often peck at one another's wounds (a lot of people on here use Blue-Kote to prevent that from happening). But to remove the entire foot, that seems a bit excessive...

    As for the other questions, I'm new to keeping chickens so I wouldn't know. Good luck :)
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    I don't know if you have wire bottomed henhouse or a roost next to wire to the outside, but raccoons are notorious for ripping off limbs trying to pull chickens through the wire. So make sure wherever the chickens roost, there's no way for a critter to reach through.
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    It is possible for her to survive but I would suggest isolating her and cleaning and treating her stump. She will most likely need antibiotics and pain relief.
    I have read about keeping them in deep shavings so it is cushioned and kept clean.

    Best wishes x
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    Jul 8, 2014
    I had a Golden laced Wyndotte hen that broke her leg a couple of years ago andhad to have it ampetatet she lived for 4 more years laying an egg everyother week at the end of her life saddy she was un-liked and in enough pain that we ethenized her at the eng of July this year
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    A rat will sometimes bite off toes. I would not use aspirin, since it is a blood thinner, and may cause bleeding. Since her foot was amputated by whatever got her, she probably should be receiving some antibiotics. Feed stores don't offer a lot of good antibiotics except for respiratory diseases, but your vet might be able to prescribe something strong. I would clean the stump with weak betadine or Hibiclens, and apply neosporin or other plain antibiotic ointment while keeping her caged in the coop with food and water.
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