My Chickens have something against squirrels :/

Jul 13, 2018
Southern California
Hey guys, I’ve been wondering about something. Ever since, I’ve started free ranging my hens (a few months ago)they seem to have gotten a thing for squirrels. I once rescued a baby squirrel and then when it got old enough, I let her go. Then, every day after that, she would come and I would give her a walnut or some fruits and vegetables. She still comes today. :) But, she has apparently taught other squirrels to come. It’s only that squirrel who actually comes up to me. The others go near me. But, one squirrel goes right up against the window. ( My cats go crazy btw) But, one squirrel comes every day at least ten times a day. The chickens don’t really like him. He loves walnuts and I give him water. But, sometimes my hens will rush to him and try pecking him like he’s part of the pecking order. So, I don’t know why they don’t like him. They like to chase him around until he scrambles up a tree. Sorry this forum is so long but I guess I’m just curious. Thanks in advance!

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My hen Lilly haas twice cornered a squirrel against the run and nearly killed it. The squirrel eats the sunflower seeds that fall from my bird feeder, the first place my flock goes when let out to free range. Lilly was having none of that and would have killed him if he had not climbed the fence backwards.

Here is my little killer attacking a cabbage.



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