My chickens haven't laid in months. What have I done?

guinea fowl galore

10 Years
May 12, 2009
Most of my hens are under a year old.
well the egg was still in the nesting box so that rules out one thing, they're not eating their eggs. I also checked for lice/mites and I couldn't find anything. if they had such a severe case of lice/mites that they had stopped laying, I'm sure I would have seen some.
when I was digging through their feathers though they looked quite strange. the feathers didn't go to their skin, or anywhere near it. I'd lift up the first thin layer of feathers and it was like a straw jungle. does this mean they are not finished moulting? they look like they are finished, you can't tell any difference between these ones and the ones that are actually fully feathers except that half their feathers haven't come out of the white straw type things. could this probably be because they haven't had enough protein, so their feathers are growing out slow and strange.


9 Years
Jan 1, 2011
Navajo County
I would stop giving any treats or extras and feed them only layer pellets mixed with turkey game bird feed that will make it about 27% protein and then also put ACV in the water for a can make a mash with butter milk also.

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