My chickens love it when I bring home new bales of straw.


7 Years
Mar 23, 2012
Our rooster was injured recently when a spare tire fell on him and our dog tried to pull him out. He's recovering nicely as you can see here. We took him to the vet because we thought he was a goner, but the vet said he didn't have any broken bones and would recuperate quickly. He was right. Two days later he was walking around, and two days after that he was trying to crow again.

And yes, our vet was willing to look at a rooster. Because he didn't do anything except look him over he didn't even charge for an office visit. The receptionist was so excited she was taking pictures of him to post as their pet of the month.
His left wing still hangs low and he's missing some feathers.My wife says he's back to "getting busy" with his hens too, so he must be feeling a lot better.
He was a kind where the hens lay blue "Easter" eggs. Sadly, he and 5 others of our chickens were killed today apparently by our dog. I'm glad I got this video of him while he was alive.
I am so sorry for your losses.
I am so sorry for your losses.
Thank you. My wife was angry enough this afternoon she wanted me to get rid of our dog that we've had for 12 years. This is going to be hard. I just buried a cat yesterday that died of old age this week. I'm just about grieved out, and I think my wife is too.
Wow! That is tough! Maybe the answer isn't to get rid of the dog. 12 years is a committed relationship not to be tossed away lightly. Maybe though the dog should not be unsupervised around the chickens. Is your dog acting normally for him or herself? Maybe there is a medical issue causing some of this behavior? who knows.... I hope things get better soon for you.
She's still acting normal, but she had a history with our rooster. We've decided to just keep her where she can't get to the chickens for now, and take our time deciding what to do. We love our dog, but are hurting now.

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