My chickens stopped laying


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10 Years
May 27, 2009
New to all this chicken raising stuff. We got our 10 chickens a little over a month ago. They were laying 8-10 a day, but we're down to anywhere from 2-5 these days. I heard from someone else that chickens don't like change. The chickens were given to us by a neighbor, so there was a change in location, coop, habits and feed. We let them run around outside, they kept them locked up. Does this affect their laying? What can be done to get them laying at full speed again? Also, is it a bad thing to keep them penned up all the time?
MMM...I think they're 1-2 yrs old. The guy we got them from told my DH ( he ever takes care of the chickens!) who can't really remember. What sorta "broody behaviors" should I look for? They seem to be laying every other day. Could it be the weather? It's been cold and rainy. What do they look like when they're moulting? I've noticed a lot of feather flying around the coop and their yard in the last couple days.

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