My chickens won't lay eggs

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    Greetings all, I know this topic has been covered quite a bit, but my chickens stopped laying, not slowed down just stopped. I am not sure why but my question is how do I figure it out? I cannot watch them all day to see if they are eating them. So I am at a loss for how to figure it out. They free range in my front yard (not huge but lots of places to potentially hide eggs if they are real sneaky) and I put em in their coop everynite. Please lots of suggestions would be appreciated.


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    [​IMG] Go to the top of this section. In blue click on "Why aren't my hens laying? Answers to your question." You will find the myriad of responsible factors in this sticky.
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    It is possible that they have stopped laying for one of many reasons. Because of molting, because of decreasing hours of daylight, because of a change in schedule or habitat, because of disease, worms, etc., or even because of a danger - real or perceived - in or near the coop. They may have found a 'safer' place to lay their eggs that you have yet to find. It is also possible that some other animal is taking the eggs before you go to collect them. My SIL's small dog was well known for slipping in and taking the eggs one by one.

    My suggestion would be to lock the flock up in the coop for a couple of days. That way you will know if they are laying or not and they may start laying in the proper places again. Make sure that they have at least 12 hours of daylight by adding light to come on in the morning. Sixteen hours of daylight is the best day length for egg production.

    Love, Smart Red

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