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Oct 2, 2009
Hi, I'm kind of a new chicken owner. But, so far, so good! I've had my birds since July, and they're still, I must be doing something right!
Anyway, I've been curious on a definite breed and sex of my chickens. I was told Silkie for my white one, but I don't remember what, for my brown one. Upon, doing some research, I've found that I "think" she's a female Orpington. I'm pretty sure that my Silkie is a rooster, since he's starting to get his voice. They are both about 5 months old. Can you guys help me out?

Here is Cinnamon, my Orpington??...

This is Sugar, my Silkie (don't mind the little stripe of orange on his wing. When we were painting the outside of the coop, he rubbed up against it)...


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I don't know much about orpingtons, but your brown one is not an orp. Looks like a silkie mix to me - how many toes are on each foot? What color is the skin? It looks like a hen in body shape, but it has a pretty large comb to be a hen - but the saddle feathers are rounded and not pointed. The crest, blue earlobes and comb all say silkie cross to me tho. See what the experts think. The silkie is a roo tho.

I'd be curious to know if they produced any silkie feathered chicks!
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The first one is def Silkie mix and looks to be mixed maybe with a Rhode Island Red looks very girly to me too.
The second one a Silkie roo.

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