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So here is my Rooster A Blackstar (sex link) about 1 yr

The Rooster above and the hen below had

These three chickens (Below), 2 roosters and 1 hen, approx 4 months old.

I have a Second Hen (Below) who hatched 8 chicks. 4 yellow, 4 black. Approx 2 1/2 weeks old.

The picture BELOW is of these 8 chicks from the 2nd Hen. They are all somewhere in this pic.

Here is one of those 8 chicks (Below)

Below is another pic showing some of the 8 chicks from the 2nd hen.
Approx 2 1/2 weeks old.

And Finally, My first hen, the one that hatched the three 4 month old black chickens (2 roosters 1 hen, shown 3rd pic from the top) just yesterday, 9/27/13, hatched 10 more chicks shown below. 5 black and 5 yellow

They are 2 days old.

(Below) pic of the 2 day old chicks. The second clutch this hen hatched this year.

Last pic of the 2 day old chicks (Below)

So those are all my chickens. A current total of 24. If anyone has any comments or anything they want to say please post. I would appreciate comments on, what breeds my two hens are, is it normal to have a second clutch in a year?
Also, judging from the three 4 month old black chickens (the 2 roosters and one hen) does anyone have a guess as to the size of the eggs that will be layed and if these look like they will be good dual purpose meat/egg birds. I believe that all the baby chicks will be similair to those 3 four month old black chickens. Finally, how hard is it really to sex chickens????I have not looked into it and am just wondering. Thanks for looking.
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Your hens are game hens. They're known for being great mothers, so not at all unlikely they've hatched multiple clutches each year.

Your chicks aren't able to be sexed earlier, there's no sex linkage going on with the breeds you have. Your rooster will give half barred offspring, half non-barred, regardless of gender.

Your offspring won't be large, meaty birds as they have the game mommas. The rooster comes from great laying stock, but the game hens are not spectacular layers usually. So, I'd say your female offspring are going to be average layers, and your male offspring are going to be smallish table birds.

You can get some layer-type hens and have the game hens incubate/hatch their eggs next year. Hens don't care whose eggs they're setting on.

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