My chicks, a few "just curious" questions

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Ilovemyrooster, Mar 17, 2009.

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    Jun 11, 2007
    I am in love with them. Entirely, heart-wrenchingly, can't-sleep-at-night-because-I-can't-stop-thinking-about-them in love. All are pullets except for one rhode island red. I'm amazed at the even-temperedness of the chicks in reguard to each other. The golden comets(Cassa and Meliara) are a little over a month, the black sexlink(Flora) it four weeks exactly, one RIR(Sinbad) is three weeks, one RIR(Gabriella) is two and a half. Then I have a week old Easter Egger(Emma). Nobody gets picked on:) The funniest/cutest thing is watching the the three week old RIR cockrel's distinct preference for the week-old Easter Egger. They are ALWAYS cuddling with each other. And if the EE wanders off when the cockrel isn't looking he'll run around peeping at the top of his lungs until he finds her.

    Its adorable but it also arouses my curiosity-is it normal for chicks to bond with one specific chick more than others? The three oldest chicks like to hang out with each other but I figure thats just because they've been together the longest. Other than that nobody seems to prefer anybody specifically.

    Also, the black sexlink is rather, well, she can be just plain psychotic. She screams her head off and rams into the bars whenever I reach into the cage to get a water dish, etc. out. And when I try to hold her its like trying to hold onto a wild cat. A screaming wild cat. Are black sexlinks naturally an extra-sensitive/flighty breed or is it just my one chick? Will she remain this wild in henhood?

    Are cockrel chicks normally more placid than pullet chicks or is it just Sinbad? He is my sweetest most outgoing chick-if I leave the brooder door open for five seconds he is out and exploring the house until I turn around and realize a chick is missing. He is so friendly and sweet...And yes you can probably tell, he is my favorite.
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    I don't know but that sounds super sweet.
  3. Chirpy

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    I have black sex-links and they have always been some of my sweetest girls. I think you just got a 'wilder' girl. Of course, my kids raise all our chicks from day olds with lots of holding and talking to them; so it's possible that's why mine are so sweet.

    Cockerals are all different too. Mine have been very friendly and nice until they reach maturity - then, one of them turned into a very aggressive dude towards my kids (he was wonderful with this chicken girls though), one is pretty good but occasionally challenges my two youngest children and one is just a sweet, laid back kinda guy.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your addiction... you are certainly at the right place here. [​IMG]
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    Most of my chickens are always in little clicks together. Or would it be "clucks"? Anyway, most are paired up (all pullets). I have a few that are loners and are always off by themselves. For no reason that I can tell, just prefer it that way.
    I had a black sexlink that was always calm from the start. Just keep working with her the most. I would hold her more than ever. She might turn out to be your best baby. I've got some that make it difficult to pay attention to the others because they are such attention hounds. Good luck with yours!!
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    I read in "Storeys Guide to Raising Chickens" that that Rhode Island Red rooster are usually the most agressive of all roosters [​IMG] so you must have a really special little guy. But then again I'm a newbie and I have never had a cockrel either.

    I do have several 6 week old pullets and they also seem to have a favorite or "best friend" too. It is interesting that breed has nothing to do with it either. My RIR's get along really well with my BO's. The BR's I have seem to hang out together with other BR's though.....[​IMG] very interesting observation!
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    From what i've noticed.... (I do a ton of staggered hatches so my chciks are all various ages and sizes). I keep them all together. From fluff to feather then outside...

    Anywhoo... the younger ones seme to bond with the bigger chicks looking at them as a mama to snuggle under and with. I think it does younger chicks a great deal of good to have something bigger than them that's living and bird of a feather type, to keep them company. They are a lot more quiet when they have pals. [​IMG] I've never had any issues with them harming eachother. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I can't help with the cuddling thing, but I can share my experience with your crazy chick. One of EEs was like that too...absolutely nut-so! As soon as she matured and started laying, she turned sweet and cuddly! It was like a light-switch! No slow transition, etc. Just BAM! Cuddly! She is is now are sweetest bird and very friendly! Hope yours does the same!

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