My chicks are a month old....I have some questions. PLEASE HELP

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  1. I have my chicks in a coop but I havent let them in the run yet. They are a month old today. Shoud let them in it or wait? Can I give them lettece right now? and Has anyone eer taught they're chickens to come to thier own ndividual names. thats what I want to do and I hae bin trying to do but is it a waist of time cause I don't think its working on a couple of them?
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    I was taking my chicks outside when they were 3 weeks old (if it was warm enough out) and they loved it and had no problems. [​IMG]

    We have chicks that are now almost 6 weeks old (well, 5.3 weeks...) and a FEW of them have learned their names. I have noticed though, that these are the same few that we handle more. When we handle them we are sure to use their names over and over. We even put the chick a foot or so away and put treats like hard boiled egg in our hands and call them using their name. Its worked with the few we've named. [​IMG] However, when they are ALL out, if they see our hand with food and we call (no matter WHOS name we call) they ALL come runnin! [​IMG]
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    Can I give them lettece right now?

    Greens are not recommended for young chicks because they can cause diarrhea-like symptoms. See the BYC learning center - the first 60 days.​
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