My chicks are scared of grass!!


11 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
So i read about bringing in some grass clumps this morning. Well I went out and got a few blades of gras and broke them up into 1/2 in pieces and gave them to the chicks. My largest one did a trilling scream which I take as a warning and they all ran away.
Now they wont go near the grass. I left it in there for them, maybe they will get used to it lol.
My pullets are being raised with a pair of ducks...and if the ducks won't eat what I offer then the pullets definately won't try it. They are now 6 weeks, and the pullets have started watching the dog, and they have begun stealing food from the dog. They are almost like sheep when they see something that is new to them, all it takes is one of them to try it and then they all will try it.

I turned my back and started working on the computer, when i turned back to them the grass was all but gone. I think they got the idea that its food! I wonder though if they will be scared of meal worms!!

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