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  1. I'm post'n these pics of my chicks, I got them all on the 7th of October 2010, they hatched 3 days before on the 4th. I bought them from Cackle Hatchery. I'm going post up-dated pics as they grow. Don't have any of them 3 days old, but I just started coming to the forum.
    This the wifes fav but we aren't sure what it is but should be either a White Leghorn or a White Rock [​IMG]
    This is my fav and there are 11 more of them Barred Rocks[​IMG] [​IMG]
    These are going to be beautiful have 2 of these they are Golden Lace Wyndottes [​IMG]
    Here is my coop. [​IMG]

    I've put 4 x 4's at the bottom and attached the wire to them with U-nails.
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    My run looks just like yours. Your chickens look great. Be careful aroudn the edges of the run. Predators can push that and get under it along with your chicks when they become bigger. Trust me I know from experience. I took roofing bolts and drove them in between my stakes to keep the pen from giving at teh bottom. I also used some smaller stakes. Just a thought.
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    sweet chickies! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] also welcome!
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    Quote:[​IMG] welcome to you too!

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