My chicks came!!!!! PICTURES!!! :)


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
I picked up my 15 chicks this morning at 830 from the post office. I ordered 12 brown egglayers and 2 rir (1hen 1rooster) and then they gave me 1 extra. I got them from Meyer hatchery!! They all seem to be doing well. Theyre all eating and drinking. I just can't figure out what the are. And I don't know how to load pics.
4 are black with yellow butts and chest, 9 are yellow/tan and 2 are brown I think those are my rir. There all chirpy and some sleep. If they all bunch up does that mean there to cold or do they just do that? Hopefully i figured the pics out!!






thinking these are my RIR?? One rooster!?


My Brooder!!
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Congratulations on your new chicks! I wonder if the black/yellow are australorps?? They will usually tend to pile that first day or two. If they're piling directly under the hot part of your lamp, you may need to adjust your lamp or bulb. But if they're piling a little off center, more at the edges of the lamp, that's pretty ideal. Within a few days they should start spreading out more...
Use the uploads button at the top to upload pictures. Then when you click on a picture from your uploads page, you click the lower link, copy, and paste the link on your thread...
Thank you!!!
they were piling over on the side. It's about 96 in there right now but I keep messing with the lamp. Lol. I'll have to look those up. Is it hard to tell the yellow ones apart? Bc there's 5 yellow and 4 tanner ones. They keep falling asleep and almost falling over. They are the cutest things ever!!
The black ones also have black on there legs. Could they be dominique or jersey giant?
Thanks. I don't know what they are. I just know 2 are rir and the rest I got assorted.

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