My Chicks/Ducklings! Ideal

Why and Dotte

12 Years
Mar 8, 2010
Princeton, IN
I'm really happy so far with my order from Ideal Poultry. Everyone lived through shipping, I was really nervous because I had never ordered from Ideal and they're in Texas and I'm in Indiana, the temps were perfect the week before but dropped the week of shipping.
I ordered 5 Silver-Gray Dorkings, (all have five toes!) 4 Blk Australorps, 5 Norwegian Jaerhons and 3 swedish ducklings.

I received six packing peanuts, I did get two extra Australorps and one less Norwegian Jaerhon a little disappointing but it's fine. I lost one duckling due to water logging, my fault, but everyone else is thriving! I'm anxious to see what the dorks look like as adults, if they're as bad as I hear.

Pictures are coming soon!
congrats on the new arrivals!! your fun will begin now good luck with them!!

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