my choc muscovy duck is ready too lay.....

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    hey guys im new to this... so pls bare with me [​IMG] i have both drake and duck choclate muscovys,the have been mating and she is nesting and ready to lay i think, just new to all this and dont know what i have to do or what to expect, they dont sleep in there hut or anything as they dont like to, they prefer to sleep outside so dont even know where shes going to lay and if its going to be appropriate... any help or advice would be so much appreciated thanx [​IMG]
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    I hope if they don't sleep in their hut where you can lock them up safe and secure that you have a secure run for them, that being said, if your duck is going to start laying be sure she has so nice bedding in their hut or where ever you set up for her to lay, A place that is quiet and where when she decidse to go broody will be safe from predators, because excuse the pun but she will be a sitting duck. The drake can stay with her till ducklings start to hatch then he should stay in a separate pen until they are old enough to stay out of his way, usually 4 weeks or so, drakes have been known to kill ducklings. If you don't want ducklings then just remove the egg each time she lays. if you do she will lay a clutch which could be from roughly 8-20 eggs, I would mark them 1thru so you can take the oldest ones out when she finally begins to set, that way if you only want say 6 ducklings to hatch then take the oldest eggs till she has 6 eggs left. [​IMG]
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