my chooks not laying


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Jun 3, 2012
i have 6 chooks.

a couple of weeks ago, i took them to the usual place for boarding for 8 days.

while i was away 1 of my chooks died. the farmer added another to the flock without incident

i collected them last tuesday, and since then have had no eggs at all. this is strange, because before they went away the 5 surviving chooks were all laying regulary.

they did come back to a new run. my son extended their run so that they could stretch their wings.

one of the birds is molting

any reason, do you think, why i have had no eggs at all since tuesday?
Chickens HATE!! changes of any kind. I gave a lady 4 hens , pullets from my laying stock. They all quit laying and one is molting. This is not unusual. They may wait until Spring to restart. I know thats a long time. You may want to think about adding light each am starting at 4:30 am and then it goes off at 9 am. I have a timmer on mine. It works. I usually wait until their molt is over to light the coop. I think they need that time to regroup. Gloria jean
ty. i wasnt sure if i should be worried or not, but i think its prolly ok?

the one that is molting looks so scrawney again hope that is normal
When mine start to molt I increase the protein in their diet. I give them some canned low sodium fish each wk or buy some of the gamebird showbird feed. I mix this with my leftovers and some yogurt. Their feathers come in better and it seems to me quicker. It takes loads of protein to make feathers. I give them some kind of protein 3 or 4 times a week. I guess I spoil them.
gloria jean

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