My cockerel just tried to flog me!!!!!


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I have NEVER had ANY of my cockerels try to flog me before!!!! He is a repeated offender, but he mostly just trys to peck us. And just for pecking he gets chased. He ought to know better! I knocked the perch down when chasing him in the grow-out pen for pecking me when I was trying to get the pullet out of there. He is obviously trying to be top chicken in the flock, but he KNOWS that I will chase him until I take a feather from him AND run him into a corner, pin him to the ground, and keep him there until he stops fighting. And that is just for pecking. I took 5 feathers this time!!! Good thing for him he doesn't have any spurs!!! Or I'd be having chicken alfredo.
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Jun 20, 2009
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i have had sooo many roosters in the last 2 years that i have had to send to freezer camp because of this reason .. i have found the perfect roo now hopefully i wont have any more that like to flog!


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Apr 7, 2011
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Can I ask how old this roo is?
I am having trouble with mine and he is only about 8-9 weeks old... Mean as Krout...
Never heard about pulling feathers out... does this work? I am so non violent, but I have to do something.

Someone else suggested the picking up til he quits struggling, put down, repeat.
Another mentioned a water gun.

I am thinking the water gun will be easier... I am a pretty good shot at cans.


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May 13, 2008
Quote:It is refreshing to see more people doing what needs to done to quell the mean rooster rebellion, I like your salt. I am not saying you do this but the problem most likely arises when women play huggy pie kissey poo with very young roo's and as they grow it becomes a problem most of them cannot handle or get control of. WTS I have had a roo or two who turned bad some were corrected and became good roo's and some didn't and they got the axe. Keep I never handle birds unless they require it for inspection or medical issues, this has worked wonders in having a flock that get's along just fine.


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Jun 15, 2010
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I JUST HAVE TO ASK....................IS HE A BANTAM ROO?????? cause they seem to have the MOST attitude! ha! My golden laced sebright roos will beat a RIR in a FUNNY! (no, I don't LET them fight......but I have seen them start more than a few times!)

PLEASE don't pull out his feathers....OMG where did you hear that from???????? That's animal cruelty!

I just chase mine (Sebrights) and remind them I'm the boss and the one with the treats....they've gotten better as they have gotten older.


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Apr 29, 2011
Quote:Pulling out feathers is how chickens establish dominance with each other (it IS horrible). But I reckon that it's worth a go - she's trying to same him from the freezer after all! My roo is soooo placid and he's a bantam roo! He's a sweetheart.
So I've never had that problem. He doesn't even have spurs (I have no idea why).


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Oct 19, 2009
I wouldn't imagine a water gun working on a flogging roo. I had one flogging roo and when he came after you, a second roo would come join in. They died moments later. I'll be darn if one roo flogs me and I get hit with a second while I'm bent over washing out their water bucket. Right now I've got one that's trying to be bad and act like he's going to come after us. I hadn't heard about pulling feathers...

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