My colorful ducks results

Eric Rosario

Aug 5, 2019
Hello there,

let me share my results of my project.

Two years ago I was able to find all the information I need to start this mixing as I found what ducks i need for this project. I needed to be sure about how the colours works as I knew that the results are visible only in like two years. So, here we are with the results, I'm happy that my theory and previous genetics experience were correct.

I had to create parents which hold specific gene information that allow different colours to merge in each duckling. Unfortunately not all of possible combination occured this year, and some combinations have lower chance to appear. Anyway, it was allways exciting what will be the duckling's colour when it hatches. Some were really exciting as I've never seen such combination before, so I can't predict the final plumage colour of them.

I'm able to identify only some of the final looks, that are result of one maybe two genes, but some combination are complex and I'm not able to tell which genes made this final look.

For next year, the same parents will remain to give another round of ducklings and of course different combinations can appear.

Drakes that do not posses black in their plumage will change their mature plumage so they will have different look as the female of the same colour. Like the brown drakes on pics as an example, I was really curious how exactly that brown drake will look like.

IMG_20210726_145221.jpg IMG_20210714_121842.jpg IMG_20210726_145016.jpg IMG_20210726_145043.jpg IMG_20210726_145119.jpg IMG_20210726_145123.jpg IMG_20210726_145132.jpg IMG_20210726_145230.jpg IMG_20210726_144309.jpg IMG_20210726_144324.jpg

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