My Coop from start to now...


9 Years
Dec 9, 2014
This is my first time raising chickens, building a coop and all the things. I started construction in January of this year. My chicks arrived in late February and are now 9 weeks old.

My boyfriend is pretty construction inclined and has been a huge help with this project. He helped me a lot with the main construction and thus the inside has mostly been my own design.

My coop measures 8x8. The short walls are about 8' and the tall wall is about 10'. The roof is metal, main access door is steel. I recently installed the poultry butler automatic chicken door. And am still working on ventilation. The whole building is insulated from floor, walls and roof. I have one sliding window, currently can't think of the size.

The coop interior has three levels. The roost level is at 4' with roost bars 1' off the floor of that level. I have a small mid level and a main floor level.

Below are pictures from start to now :)
And also some of the chickens, we have 13.

3 Black Jersey Giants
4 Easter Eggers
6 Barred Rocks- one being my Roo

My photos are not in order really but this I hope will give you an idea of my coop. Any tips or suggestions would be wonderful!
Looks good!

You may find it needs even more air flow in the heat of summer, though you do have some good ventilation there. You'll just have to see what the temp is inside on a hot day.

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