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    So we had a 13 by 16 metal shed that we were going to build a platform for and transform it into a nice perty coop...we got platform built, figured out how to move the shed the 200 or so feet to the platform. Got it moved and fastened down, statted working on the inside...and even on a pretty nice 70 degree day it was WARM in there. I looked at hubby and said "NO WAY!" So the girls stayed in their temporary coop, located in my barn aisleway, until I could think of something else.

    One day while feeding horses it hit me...I have a 24 X 40' barn, when our 18 hand 30 yr old Percheron Draft horse passed away I opened up the front of one stall and put a gate across the my 2 mountain horses a 24 x 12 run in. The 12 x 16 tack and feed room, was used as a shed as well. But I had a 12 x 12 foot stall that was not being used at all, and it was on the other end of the barn. Soooooooo I drew up some ideas, and it has begun transformation in to my chicken coop, there's TONS of ventilation as each end has a 10' by 12 foot open door for the aisleway, and then the front has a 8 foot wide doorway. I will more than likely sometime (*read asap* LOL) extend out into the aisleway from the front wall to the front of the chicken coop wall. To give me a 12 x 24 foot space.

    So here's the inside of the barn, before we blocked off and made the run in for the horses (it's the end with the horse in the stall, that is now the run in)

    We first built up the inside with rock "screenings" that we had delivered, then we put in some old stall mats that we had lying around (plan is to cover the entire floor with them, so I can easily scoop and sweep all shavings out and rebed. But I wanted my girls out of their temporary coop ASAP, so we put these in and put the girls in last weekend...this weekend we will work on my dividers/partitions.
    I have TONS of 5 gallon buckets lying around, they're so easy to take down and disinfect, I let them stay up for the girls to lay in, for now.
    Hubby putting up a ramp, to make it easier for the ladies to get in the buckets.

    After putting the ladies in, Bridgette is the head hen, and constantly checks out everything we do.

    Wire goes from top boards all the way to the roof

    This weekend we will be putting up the partitioning walls, and getting it set up for my Cochins to move into, as's the plan:
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    That's awesome, good for you - good for your chickens [​IMG]!!!!!
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