My coop in its new location with a covered run


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The coop was actually a temporary goat house I made till my barn was done. I didn't want to just throw it out so I made it a chicken coop. I had it in the pen with my goats and they loved the company but my great pyrenees decided they like chicken. Anyway this is the new spot with 5 ft fence on the bottom and plastic netting on top. I may change the netting to chicken wire next year but I wanted to see how it would work out. The run is 8'x16' and the coop is 4'x8' on skids so I can move it, though its staying put now.

Looking good.
I am assuming that you lock them up safe at night since your run is not fully secure.

Sucks about your Great Pyrenees since they are supposed to protect them.
It looks great! They should have lots of room. How many chickens will you keep in there? Also, is that 2x4 welded wire for the fence? That is what I have around my run, and the foster dogs (who were large dogs) figured out how to bend it up enough to slip inside. They then killed all of my chickens. I bent the wire back into place and put cinder blocks all along the inside, which seems to have stopped them, although it isn't pretty. Just something you may need to think about!
I have not locked them up all summer. It is actually more secure now than it was since its fully covered and closed in now. I know the plastic netting on top isn't really secure but with the barn cats, 5 dogs running around and the goats constantly making noise nothing has bothered them or come near the pens. The pyrenees are within 10 feet of the run so they will still bark at critters even if they cant get in there.

I dont think the dogs will do it when mature but mine are only 5 months and 2 months. They still need to be trained and have a lot to learn.,
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I have 7 Americauna bantams in there now but I have and assortment of 10 bantam chicks coming to replace the chickens I lost and add some more.

The fence is 5ft no climb wrapped wire horse fence. I use it for my goat pens cause they will break welded fence and climb goat fence. Its expensive but worth it.

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