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Free Ranging
Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
I've kinda sorta held off saying this till now.
I ordered some newly hached pullets a few weeks ago. My breeder raises them till they are ready to live without heat. I asked for 2 of the 55 Flower so we definitely know they are pullets. I asked for 2 Blue Wheaten Ameraucana which he had plenty of so no problem saving me 2 pullets. And I asked for 2 Blue/Black/Splash Marans. He only had 2 BBSM left and couldn't guarentee pullets but if they were I would get them. Well, I just got the call. All 6 are pullets!!:wee
They have been without the lamp for a few days now and will be ready for pickup next week. I can only get there on Mondays and this Monday is too soon. I will go get them the following Monday, the Monday before Thanksgiving!
Here's the kicker. That is not only the 15th anniversary of buying and moving into this house, it is the second anniversary of bringing home my very first flock of 4 chickens!
At least this time I've got things properly ready for them!:thumbsup

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