My daughter's "pullet" is crowing...

I hope for your sake she just had a feather in her throat... but if not, keep Sparkle as a name. It'll be like a boy named Sue.
Post a few pictures. Some people report having hens that "crow". I would think especially if the bird is still really young and you aren't experienced with keeping roosters/chickens it might be hard to tell the difference between a baby rooster crow and a hen crow? I think it's worth it to post some pictures and ask people to confirm....

but it's likely a rooster, sorry
He's crowing like an adolescent boy whose voice is changing- cock-a-doo-er, screech- hack flaps wings and struts, cock-a-screech, hack, hack. Maybe it is a stuck feather LOL. I'll try to post some pic this afternoon.

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