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a little background-

it's no secret that I micromanage my dogs- they don't get a chance to run amok. its just how I roll. My female pit bull started at about 8 months old attacking her brother(litter mate) , consulted trainers ect and made no headway. . . and so we made the choice to give him to my brother in law in NC ( mind you , we updated his shots, had him neutered at 12 weeks ect- this was a super cool GOOD dog) . He was renting a house, had a fenced in yard- the whole 9 yards- doggie paradise. Till he got a DUI at 20 and moved home. Before anyone says 20 year olds shouldnt own dogs or the like- he's generally really responsible and the DUI was IMO his fathers fault for teasing him about NOT drinking at the racetrack. he was pulled over and thats that. I really think the BIL has a good head on his shoulders, but the parents are a mess. I have zero tolerance for DUI so ... tough cookies- anyway- the dog is now at my inlaws ... people who's animal philosophy I HATE and have zero respect for ( they have no training, they have no manners, they overfeed to the point of obesity, dogs get out, terrorize neighbors ect thinks my crating the pit bulls whenever we are gone is mean and cruel) so i was in a tough spot but kept my mouth shut thus keeping the dog with my BIL. . . at their house. He was a house dog ( the only big house dog the other is a min pin) and cared for. AGAIN till my BIL moved back to NC last weekend and is currently living with a friend while he looks for a dog friendly place to rent that he can afford.

Two days after my BIL left, FIL tells me his dog ( 1 yr old American bulldog, NOT neutered, trained ect) attacked him. . . he couldn't use 2 of his legs for two days due to crush/punctures and I nursed him back to health and medicated him per my vets instructions. Finished meds yesterday, wounds are filled in enough to be left to scab over ect. The dogs still happy go lucky and sweet. He scabs over and starts to heal... then today.

MY MIL calls us at 648 this am. She works overnights. FIL is here helping my DF fix the truck and stayed over. She says that FIL's dog greeted her covered in blood , like head to toe blood, dirt and drool . My DF's childhood dog is fine, slightly swolen eye but she usually is the peace keeper and breaks up fights over there so we figured FIL's dog attacked BIL's dog, and DF's dog jumped in and broke it up. Min-pin is intact... BIL's dog is MISSING. Blood all over the grass. POOL of blood on the walkway. MIL screaming that she's afraid to look for him because she thinks FIL's dog killed him. I hand the phone to DF, not understanding her. DF listens for a minute and gives it to FIL and we all sortof converge in the hallway and say
what in the HECK is happening

So we drive over ( about 40 minutes) MIL left the door open so the dogs now on the couch, covered in a blanket bc he's shaking and she thought he was cold.

I call my clinic who puts me on hold and refuses to let me talk to the doctor . . . i had to talk to them because they told me they would work with me money wise and My inlaws don't have any money ( because they spend it on things they shouldn't - such as smokeables) so i was going to pay some as a deposit and when they pick him up they can pay the rest. No dice. the desk won't put me thru( which, btw I emailed my vet about because I spend a TON of money there every month and was told by her that i can request to speak to her in an emergency ) so we go to the vet thats sortof by their house- he's a rural farm vet type guy. i would NEVER use him for anything other than a life threatening emergency or basic shots. however, he does give me whatever 'other' animal meds that i need for the birds or goats or whatever so he's ok!

heres the creepy/awful part-

wait for it....

he told me that the injury was from a HOG! he came to the house to see the yard and fence where we thought he may have cut himself and he said no, not a fence wound and not a dog bite. he said that they got out somehow ( totally doable over there) and a hog got behind him and tossed him. my inlaws live in a subdivision that backs up to a few hundred acres. but they are in the middle of the sub division!

he has a hole in his armpit the size of an apricot and he's got 2 lacerations on one inner thigh( one which hits bone in the center) and one on the other and his hock in the front is sliced to the bone.

he has over 200 stitches and they left the hock open. hopefully we dont have a joint infection happen. we dropped him off at 830 or so and the vet had to give him iv fluids ( and i think blood products im not sure) till 1 PM in order to even be able to have him anesthetized.

on the plus side, he's alive and the bill was only 400.00. granted its not my dog but i paid it because i feel responsible( for his wellbeing, not the shoddy petcare)

I'm toying with taking him back and finding him another home. he'd be stuck either in a crate till i do or in a kennel outside because my female WILL kill him. it will be a big family todo. however if mil pays me back like she claims she will ( and has claimed to before and never does) then i'd be happy for BIL to take him back to NC next week.
OH dear! That poor doggie!
Yup.. hogs/pigs can really tear a dog up..
I know that my 2 Saint Bernards wont even dare mess with my little pigs... they learned my pigs wont run from them.. they'll turn and fight them like crazy...
Oh the poor doggie! I will send well wished his way. Im thinking from what you have posted, that it may just be in the dogs interests for you to take him back, crate him, and care for him. I'd worry more that he would not get the proper care he needs in the FIL's house. Finding him a new home may be the better option for him in the long run, but you might want to talk this over with the BIL since it is "his" dog. However, since you paid 400 bucks to the vet then he might be considered "yours"? Oh that could be a sticky wicket. Hmmmm, I vote to take him and care for him and then after some treatment see where things stand as far as the BIL's situation goes.
Smooch to the pooch and good luck!
yeah, that is where the tricky part comes in. Family is family but I view my animals as family too. . . which is why I opted to rehome him in the first place- my female is wonderful but a little unstable so I wouldnt dream of passing her on to someone else- but he was not a problem so he could be easily placed with BIL ( first time dog owner).

it will cause a rift, but ... I don't care. I'm already causing one by NOT letting FIL have any puppies since he may have hosed down the kennels a few times making bee ' part his'. Maybe i'm weird but I believe strongly that you should only have what you can care for, otherwise its a disservice to the animals.
I completely agree!! To many people get animals that they cannot care for adequately and people need to stop and research and think before the get a pet. I don't think your weird at all. You have a very good sense of what is right. My dogs are our family and when we lost our house in Cali to bankruptsy (best thing that ever happend!) we moved out of state to a place that we could afford to keep the "kids". A lot of people including our family could not understand why we wouldn't re-home them, but they were rescued to begin with so that was not an option. We have a dog fund set aside just for their care and we budget for them since we have 8. Just like having two legged kids! It's a responsibility I'd never change.
When my mom passed we took my "sisters" Lint (mom's cat) anf Tootsie (mom's dog and dog #8) without hesitation. They are family.

As far as your situation, sometimes we have to cause a rift to protect and give a voice to those who have none.

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