My dog ate 3 chickens!!!!!


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Nov 25, 2009
Ok so I have a 1.5 year old female bullmastiff. Raised around chickens. She was fine the first year and now she is a savage!!!! She killed 2 chickens this past week (they are young pullets)....I think she caught them and just crushed them and then we found them burried in the yard. Now this morning we found another one eviserated!!!! She is in a fenced in yard and the pullets I think keep getting in through the picket fence. I am going to chicken wire the bottom of the picket fence today. We tried to use the training collar (electric) on the dog the other day, but I guess she knows nothing happens when we are not there because she got the chicken last night or this morning...... My older hens know not to go in the yard....they have a whole acre to roam where the dog can't go.....I just don't know why the pullets aren't putting two and two together!!!! They have gotten chased before

Is there anything I can do, besides getting rid of dog/chickens, the chickens hate being "cooped" up all day!


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Mar 30, 2009
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My MIL would take the dead chicken and repeatedly "attack" the dog with it. She would not have an issue after that. My BIL's dad would tie the dead chicken to the dogs neck for a week...... that sounds a little gross to me but whatever works!


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Nov 13, 2009
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Yes. Put the work into making sure dog and chickens cannot get to each other and be diligent.

Make sure the dog is in a run or in the house when the chickens are out, and put the chickens up in a run when the dog is out. They will be fine in a run for a while long enough to exercise your dog.

When you have the dog and chickens together, you have the dog under control with leash and training. She's still a puppy in her dumb teenager stage, so work with her so you don't lose control.

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