my dog ate some chocolate!


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
my dog ate some chocolate!

When she was a pup, years ago, she ate a huge chunk of chocolate, and was fine, just sick for a few days. But now that shes older, i dont want her to get really sick. I mean, she only ate a small amount, maybe the size of a pea, but im still worried. Is there anything i can do for her? She is now 10 years old, and a medium dog, if size has anything to do with her chocolate intake.

Please help me, i dont know if i can give her anything, or what.

Thx, A
That small probably is not going to kill her. I don't know of anything to give her that would help. Just keep an eye on her and make sure she can get water if she wants it. I honestly do not know if you should give her somthing to eat to help dilute it or if you should not..... Maybe someone with more knowledge will chime in.
dark chocolate is the bad stuff. my 10 year old lab is always getting into regular chocolate.
dark chocolate call a vet. regular chocolate you are probably ok.
my wife is a registered vet tech that is what she always tells me.
She should be fine, bakers chocolate is really the most dangerous. A small amount of milk chocolate or even regular dark will not hurt her. I had a dog eat an entire bag of hershey's kisses and he was fine. Bakers chocolate is very dangerous though.
a note for every one if this happens again u can give your dog about 3ozs of 3% perozide can be given 2 times it will sometimes makes them zomit i had to it it to my lab i gave hime some then waited and gave him more then ran him around and finaly he vomited
I see this old thread has been resurrected. Just wanted to say that the best first thing to do if you think your animals have been exposed to a toxin of any kind is to CALL YOUR VET for immediate treatment. Wasting time by posting online - where the information may or may not be any good, and how would you know which? - just postpones proper treatment and decreases the window of oppertunity to treat if the toxin is dangerous.

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