My Dog Kennel Chicken Run and Coop


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Oct 12, 2014
Hi all,

I'm new and in my intro thread I had some requests to share my coop, so here it is!

Disclaimer: it had just rained right before I took these pics!!!

So, my coop is 2 10X10X6 Tarter Heavy Duty Wire Dog Kennels

Here is a pic of the coop from the front side. I'm in the middle of replacing the tarps for the winter and haven't gotten to the wall tarps yet. so they are still a little messy

Here is what it looks from the run side. They don't have to use this often because most of the time they are free ranging outside. Again, it had just rained when I took the pic. You can see a few of the baby chicks wondered out there to eat.

Here is a picture of the girls roosts. I use natural tree limbs and they love them.

For the roof I used cattle fencing (cut to size) with a layer of hardware cloth and a tarp on top of that. The coop side actually has two layers of tarp on the roof.

Since I had an extra panel from the Kennels being attached, I put it inside the coop as an extra barrier from the roof... in case a tarp breaks during a rain they will have extra protection. I use the deep litter method. The litter stays very clean and does great with the little water that gets in. I add about a bag of shavings every two weeks and grass clippings here and there, the girls do the rest of the work.

This is the view looking from in the coop outward. The panel doesn't obstruct the walkway at all!

On the outside I put a hardware cloth skirt around the entire Kennel and coop, it is held down with tent spikes and river bed rocks are placed on top of it. However, most of the hardware cloth is covered with grass now.

Here are the girls nesting boxes. They seem to really like them and they are super easy to clean being injected molding plastic. I do plan on getting another one as I have four more pullets.

And last but not least, here is a view of the inside of the run. It normally stays pretty dry but got wet because I didn't have a tarp over it during this last rain. Yes, I have a chicken swing... lol... and no, none of them use it.

Hope you like it! Id you anyone else has a dog kennel coop I would love to see pics.
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Feb 18, 2011
Nice coop idea! Like all the roosts. Have you put the coop up in the Coops section?

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