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May 12, 2022
Anyone have a way to help me with my Field Springer? She wants to eat my flock. How do I Stop this


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What do you want from your dog? How do you want to live with your birds? What have you tried? What do breed groups for your breed say about ability and training?.

Am big on supervision . working on daily routine around the birds tethered to you and in the area. And containment when you can't supervise.

The picture is an example of the temp panel kennels. Worth the investment as my big r. welded panel. Dog kennel is close to 15 years old. Can put them were ever it's convient for you. I also have 2 of these set up inside the barn and also kennels set up in the attached chain link bird area off the back of the barn.

All you can do is work towards by doing what you want providing clear structure.. I want a dog that can do it on their own. NOT a dog that avoids being bad when I'm there but does damage when I'm not there.

The solid black dog in the picture out side the kennel I imported as an adult dog not in farming. He got chickens horses cats. Questioned what the llamas where?? But he did not accept geese and ducks and he has some kills under his belt. Accidents for the birds of him being in the wrong areas. Kills prolonged the training but it didn't ruin him. I kept with the program of having the dogs live and do with me and setting them up to be successful. And there he is fine around the birds and fowl now.

If Ratmir had never stopped wanting to kill the ducks and geese if they in the same area. I would of made the environment safe for both of them. My dogs are not stalkers trying to find a way in to the birds. They have other jobs on the property they enjoy to focus on received_567223911523691.jpeg

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