My dressage horse is at his first 4H show today :)

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    Mt horse is 18 years old and this is his first non-dressage show i his entire life... He's totally taking it in stride and I'm very proud of him! I have to say it was extremely chaotic last night compared to the competitions we normally go to. The barns are metal with metal stalls and it's REALLY loud with all of the kids running around. It was a little crazy in the indoor arena as well - again lots of kids running around but this time on horses [​IMG] He did great though, settled down really quick and had an awesome, totally calm warm up ride. On top of this being a very new experience for him, the girl who is riding him is blind which presents some additional challenges. I have no idea what the judges will think of my giant Hanoverian in there with all of the QH's and Paints - that will be very interesting - but hopefully everything will go as well during the show as it did in warm up. He's even doing a trail class [​IMG]

    I just had to share because I'm so proud of him. I don't know too many FEI dressage horses who can go out and perform beautifully in the dressage ring last weekend and take a blind girl to her 4H show the next! I'll definitely be posting some pics and hopefully video later today!
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    Thats totally awesome!! Thanks for posting such a heart warming and positive topic [​IMG]
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    Sounds like a great horse!!!
    Can't wait to see pictures.

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