My duck foot is hurt please help

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    Apr 11, 2015
    My duck had a pretty bad and deep cut around his leg, some how he got a zip tie around his leg and I cut it off but there was still some pretty bad damage I don't know how deep is was but he seemed fine walking on it but them a few weeks late after it healed it went limp and it won't moves. He not I can bend his toes at all. He just walks on it like a peg leg or something like that. I don't know if that leg is gone for good or what I have never came across this problem before I would just like some advice. THANKS

    Btw it might be a little swollen but is is hard to tell.
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    I raise ducks and have never dealt with an injury like that. You should post your question in the Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures forum. You'll probably get some suggestions there.

    Maybe a moderator can move your post to that forum.
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    Can you post pictures of it?

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