My duck has a really bad limp!! Help!!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Welsh Ducky, Mar 28, 2017.

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    My duck has a really bad limp, it started in the morning when I let him out to free range. He always runs out in the morning but this morning he could barely get up, he tried to run but he kept falling. I looked at his foot for signs of bumble foot but there wasn't any bumps or swelling. The next morning he was even worse, I had to carry him to his pen outside because he wouldn't walk without falling with each step. When he was in his run outside he just stood there with his leg straight out, he wouldn't bend it. I noticed a little smelling at his knee and it was warmer then the other leg. I will try to get some pictures but untill then does any body know what I can do or what it could be? Please help! :confused:
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    Could he have tripped coming out of his coop/ or jumped down off the side of the pool? things like that can cause an injury to duck legs. Or being chased can cause leg injuries. About the only thing other than a vet would be to soak his legs in some warm Epsom salt water[ which is good for swelling and inflammation] and maybe some T relief @Amiga always rec.Keep him quiet and not so active so he rest the leg. If possible let him swim in warm water for some water therapy. Warm water helps to keep the muscles loose. If you decide to soak the legs and yes I do both legs much easier than trying to keep one leg in a bucket. Don't let your duck drink the ES solution it is also a laxative. Use 1 cup ES to gal of warm water for soaking. You can also do compresses on the knee too if that would be easier. same solution but use a soft cloth wring till it's not dripping and wrap the leg where the injury is.
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    If there is an odor, and heat, then I would think it's infected and he needs a good vet.

    Give him some tub time with lukewarm water and no soap, and check the joint again. They can get infected, and that can get into their bloodstream. It could just be he had some whiffy poo on him, but let's be sure.

    Infection in the joint is a challenge. That's why I would get him to a vet a.s.a.p. He needs antibiotics if that is the case. Forgive me for being uncertain, but I had read that as of 2017 in the U.S. it is now more difficult to obtain antibiotics OTC for our animals....but if he needs help, he needs help.

    In the meantime, you can soak in Epsom salt solution as Miss Lydia suggested, you can apply triple antibiotic ointment externally three or four times a day, and keep him in a safe, relatively warm and clean place with fresh water and food and nice bedding so he can rest.

    How is his stool? Normal? His appetite? Drinking? Is is bill really warm?
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