My duck was attack by our rooster


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Our running duck was attack by our rooster and other chicken we found her and brought her in and her eyes are messed up and I'm just hoping so ok if anyone knows what I can do please help she seems to be ok beside the eyes I check on her. Every two hours to make sure
Sorry to hear. What's wrong with her eyes minor injury or major injury. If possible a vet. You should keep her in quiet cool separate clean environment I'd use old towels or paper towels for bedding anything else could be to dusty farther irritating the eyes. Try a warm plain water bath to help her relax and maybe she can clean them a bit or you could gently with a rag drizzle water over her eyes so you can see what injuries are like. one of my girls this spring had minor eye irritation as suggested we made a saline solution gently syringe it above eye as some gets in the eye cleaning the eye then we took Neosporin (not the pain killer kind it's bad for them) just plain neo and a q tip and applied all around the eye area daily but please keep in Mind my girls eye was a dusty/spring type irritation but some morning her eyes were glued shut and eyes were very red. Veterycin is another good product that can be misted into the eye for minor injury. Make sure she's drinking and eating normal and some poultry vitamins in water would help boost her system.
I agree with everything duckins wrote except perhaps the "quiet cool separate clean environment"

Quiet separate clean, absolutely!! I tend to lean more toward warmer tho. But all that is relative, what is your temperature outside?

How bad are the eyes? Do you have a pic?

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Thanks guys she is doing much better now both eyes are open and working good she on our patio for the awhile so we can still keep a eye on her cause the rooster got he neck too , so I think he going bye bye cause now he being mean to our chickens and we can't have that but thanks so much for everything

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