My duckling is not walking:((

bao tran

Jul 13, 2021
hi, so this is my first time hatching ducks. i have 2 lil ducklings now. One of them hatched yesterday; it's been more than 24hrs now but it is still not able to walk or even stand:(( it's neck is a bit weird looking, it's eyes have some kind of white film over it, it's wings are kinda hard and when i try feeding it a bit of rice and water, he does not seem to be hungry at all. Can someone please help?
:welcome Are you in the USA?
Why rice? ducklings need a balanced diet so a starter that has all nutrients in it is best for them. Rice is a starch and it may be nourishing it isn't formulated for poultry. Plus having no teeth they have no way to chew, another reason for a starter it's made so they don't need grit right off to help process their food.

Can you post a picture of your duckling?
because they absorbed the yolk sac they lived on inside the egg they aren't hungry their first 24-36 hrs.
Did your duckling hatch by itself or did you help?

Sometimes when they struggle for a long time to hatch and they have been cramped up in the egg they can look a bit bent but usually, after a day or 2 they start to look normal BUT a good picture or video would really help.
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