My ducklings are awesome ***Pic Heavy***


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Well they are 4 weeks old losses and everyone is happy and healthy. I am so happy I ordered from holderread waterfowl farm...

So here are some pics I took over the weekend...25 and 26 days old to be accurate, there are 6 Golden Welsh Harlequins and 5 Anconas

In their tractor where they spend their days



Supervised swim time in their pool







Onyx my only black and white Ancona (or so it seems)


Hershey one of three chocolate and white Anconas

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LOL A lot of people seem to want eggs from these harlequins. They are reall cute but the Anconas are really awesome too.

I am going to start a list for eggs for sure. I have never shipped fertilized eggs but I am sure if I pack them the way I pack everything else they will be fine. I have been accused packing overkill more than once.
Packing overkill is Good! Actually I just talked to a lady that wasn't happy when she so much trouble opening an egg carton that the eggs broke. I think it had been wrapped with tape instead of that sticky plastic wrap. She also said to write EGGS on the package so they won't get x-ray. You probably already know all this, it's just new to me.
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Oh yeah I got those two things down... I was thinking more on the lines of foam aupport for the carton and packing peanuts....the use of tons of bubble wrap, plastic wrap and etc....
They're at that awkward teenage stage and I love it!! I can't believe how much they've grown! Personally I love the Ancona's. I've been eyeing those since you got them.

You've done a great job with them!! Way to go!

No fair! Seriously - when those beauties grow out of their awkward stage and start laying eggs, you put me down to buy some from you. I just ordered my Octagon 20 ECO today to upgrade from Styrofoam, which I've never had any luck with.

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