My Ducklings Hate Me!

CK Chickadilly

11 Years
Sep 11, 2008
West Michigan
I have 3 Pekins & 3 Rouen females. They are terrified of me.
What can I do to make them more comfortable around me. When I come to the pen they crowd in the back corner in a huge pile & they just shake. I feel so bad....I want them to like me. Should I be picking them up & carrying them around?

My other ducks that are Snowy Mallards love me but hate being held or caught. They are a scream!

What should I do???? Thanks!
Maybe instead of filling their food, you should try and see if they will eat it out of your hand.

I have one half blind chicken and one brown leghorn, that HATE me, but when I have food in my hand, they are very friendly.

Its a good start,
I had a single duckling that just loved on us every chance he got hen he was first hatched. As soon as we added babies from the next hatch he ran as far and as fast as he could. I think that'
s probably instinctive. I would probably trying feeding them snacks as much as possible. My adult ducks won't let me close enough to pick them up, but they sure come right up to my feet the second I have a treat! lol
Thanks for the advise!
I guess it will just take time. I put them in a smaller dog pen type area & when I go in they cram to the back

They do get a tad closer when I bring out the peas to sprinkle in their water.

Here they are crammed to the back of the cage

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