My ducks aren’t laying eggs!!?


Aug 1, 2019
Howdy BYC! I have three Peking ducks two female and one male. My two females haven’t been laying eggs! I was starting to think it was because I moved but I moved almost three months ago and they still haven’t layed! I still feed them the same thing and they have gotten into a new big coop which they love! What should I do? Any suggestions? Do you guys think it’s because I moved and they are in a different environment?
They are almost two years old and they did lay many times at our old house but now they haven’t for three months!
I’m positive that they aren’t hiding them because their cage is easy to see any hidden eggs. They’ve layed eggs in the winter before so I’ve been worried!
Your ducks are the age where it is normal for them to take a break in the laying cycle. They will lay again as day light period increases.

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