My Duck's Strange Eating Patterns...


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Back in August of 2011, my 6 ducks were around 2 months old. Then, they were living in a duck pen with a house and a small pool. Everyday I would refill the pool with new water. I used to feed them in the morning before school and clean out the pool, then when I got home, I would let them free range unitl it got dark and I'd put them back in the pen. We a have a pond by our house, and the ducks hated it. I have no idea why, but they did not like the pond. Anway, around November I started letting them free range all the time. Then, in tht morning when I'd feed them, they wouldn't eat the food! It was fancy scratch grains which they loved. After many attempts of feeding them, I stopped feeding them at all. They now love the pond and they go into the field in mornings to find pieces of corn. Even last week I tried feeding them tht fancy grains again and they wouldn't! I guess they are fine they way they are. They look healhty and feel healthy too. They are all ducks that can't fly so they aren't finding food too far away. I guess they are eating aqautic things from the pond and forage through the grass, which is dead now anyway. You'd think even when winter came that they would want as much food as the could get! Have you had ducks that have ever done this? I guess this is what they'd do if they were wild ducks. This spring I plan on getting some mallards and cayuga ducks as well. Will they adapt to live with these ducks and there eating habits? Thanks!


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Dec 22, 2009
This is quite common for ducks that transition to full free range. I would still suggest adding some feed especially during the laying season to make sure your hens have enough feed. When you first introduce the ducks you will basically have two flocks. Newbies VS the Veterans. After awhile they will merge and establish a pecking order. Once they start hanging around each other they should adapt great but I will still suggest offering them feed.
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