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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by AnjKar n Ducks, Aug 11, 2016.

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    I have a male khaki Campbell and a female Cayuga. I separated them because I'm in 4-H and the show is coming up and they have been know to fight. It's a disqualification to have tattered feathers or any injures. My leader suggested to separate so there will be no chance of that.

    We built a send home next to the one we have because A the show and B I have new ducklings. We have a pool in both cages and we put them next to each because we thought they need to see each other and swim together.
    I noticed right away they hardly get out of their pools. If on is on the ramp the other on the ramp. I went out late one night after coming home from a day trip around midnight and they were still in the pool. Then the next morning the khaki was in the pool and the Cayuga was asleep on the platform. I starting to think they aren't sleeping in their houses. Then a week later when I went to clean the cages there was no sign of them in their houses.

    So my question is how do I get my ducks to go into their houses and sleep? I don't want to lock up in their house because I want them to still be alike to get in and out their selfs. In about 2 1/2 weeks they will be back in the same cage but I don't want the not sleeping to affect my Cayuga due to the show.

    Thx is advance!!
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    Can they see each other when they go into the house parts? My thoughts are that they can't and ducks are very social flock animals. They likely don't want to leave each other's site. I'm sure they're sleeping during the day and at night, just out where they can see each other and not in the houses.
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    They can't see each other from the house but everywhere else.
    It's fine now it's just I want this habit to break as long as when they are back together in cage they won't continue to do this
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    They want to be together. Ducks are flock animals and don't like being alone.
    It's also just not a duck's natural instinct to walk into a closed area. Ducks don't like being locked up or in a house. They can sleep outside just as well as inside.
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    When I have separated bonded ducks they will sleep together on each side of the fence. Ducks tend to nap day and night rather than sleeping all night like night blind birds. They also instinctively avoid enclosures where they can be trapped.

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