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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by ninny, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I need advice on getting some dumb chickens to gointo the coop at night. I have a wonderful coop and about 30 birds. There is 8 of them that every night we have to round up and put in there, 3 hens and 5 roos. How can i get them in the coop? Everyone else goes to bed but them. The rest of the hens and my four older roos love the coop. If i rehomed the roos would the hens go in the coop?

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  2. egghunter

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    I usually leave a light on in the coop in the evening, and they go in as it starts getting toward dusk. Sometimes one or two will sit just outside the door, but generally they are in the coop when I go out to close it up for the night..
    Maybe I've been lucky and have always had chickens that are afraid of the dark, but so far it's worked for me.
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    Keep the wanderers (and possibly the whole lot) locked in for a day or two, or three. They tend to get their habits broken quite quickly so if they stay tucked in for a few days/nights, they'll probably start to stay in.

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