My EE is getting close!


10 Years
Aug 3, 2013
Pineville, Louisiana
Out of eight pullets my EE is the last to start laying. She’s about 25 weeks old, maybe older. Two weeks ago I got her off the roost and did the pelvic bone check. One finger, “Oh well, it will be awhile”. Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to reach and grab her. (That’s hard to do with this one, shes FAST). I went for it and she squatted. That’s a good sign! I did the pelvic check again and she was about 2 1/2 fingers. Yeah! This morning she was singing the egg laying song. Even better! I suspect I’ll have a blue or green egg within the week. Here’s my little free loader now.


She laid her first egg today! It’s a skinny green egg. It’s a lighter shade of green as shown in the picture but it’s still VERY green! I’m going to sneak it back into the nest box so my daughter can find it tomorrow when she gets home from school. It’s her chicken she named ‘Sun’. Good job Sun!
Congrats! You have a very pretty hen and now getting sweet green eggs too:wee. I just started getting eggs from some Americaunas that I got this yr(blue eggs but not as striking a color as yours imo):D, it's eggciting when you get cool colored eggs when you're not used to it:D.

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