My EE is laying eggs the size of jupiter(double yolkers every day) is this unhealthy?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by cupman, Mar 1, 2012.

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    As the title suggests I have this EE hen I bought off craigslist. She was about 5 weeks old when I got her and it's the only chicken I've gotten from craigslist but just a week ago she began laying. She has laid 6 eggs so far and they have all been HUGE. I've cracked 3 and they have all been double-yolkers and I still have 3 uncracked just to show off to my friends. Could this be potentially dangerous? Do some chickens always lay double yolkers? I guess I'm just curious why she is laying like she does. I'm happy getting such monster sized eggs but I just hope it isn't a health hazard to my hen.

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    I also have an EE who lays gigantic eggs. This fall, just before she went into molt, she became egg-bound. I got her unstuck with a warm soak, and she passed the huge egg, directly followed by a shell-less egg.

    Yes, your girl could have future problems since eggs tend to get larger as a hen grows older. I worry about this with mine. And it's hard to find egg cartons that the lid will close over her jumbo eggs!

    Keep an eye on your hen. If she spends long periods on the nest, she may be having trouble. If she spends long periods on the nest without producing an egg, she has a problem, and you need to treat it as an emergency.
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    I have an ee hen who is turning four this spring. When she started laying again recently, she's laying double yolkers about every other day, and the singles are huge, also. I think it's just a glitch, happens more with new layers or hens re-starting laying. I think your girl wills settle down to regular eggs soon.

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