My EE is not laying regularly - Suggestions please


7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
Southwest Desert
I have an EE that we had since 10/8/12 who started laying an egg or two a week about a month and half ago.
Now she is going on almost 2 weeks with not laying any egg. She is my biggest chicken and lays the
smallest egg. My BA & RIR who eat the same food as the EE lay almost daily.

The EE is acting fine in every way other than no egg production. She does sit in the nest box when It's her
turn but shootin blanks I guess.

Is this breed notoriously low egg producers. She sure is fun to be around so regardless, she still has a home with us.
Just want to see if I can encourage her a little. Thanks in advance.


8 Years
Jul 17, 2011
Canada eh?
I would suggest putting this into the Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying forum.

Anyway, from my experience, Easter Eggers are good egg layers. New layers sometimes go on and off in egg laying. When my Maran first started, she would take 1-2 month breaks. She now lays everyday. Also, if it is still cold there the egg production will be low. I'm sure she is fine.

Good luck.
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