My ee started laying, then stopped - does not appear egg bound

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  1. AmyTC

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    May 28, 2014
    I have an easter egger who hatched in early April that started laying eggs in late Sept. She laid about 15 eggs and then there was a problem with one egg. It was cracked and there was what looked to be yolk on the outside of it. That egg was laid on the roost where the hens typically sleep. I thought perhaps one of the other pullets had cracked the egg or that they needed oyster shell more than I had been giving them. I let the hens out to free range later that day (without propping the coop door open so she could get into her box to lay if she needed to) and caught her standing over a yolk that she laid. Ever since then she hasn't laid another egg. It has been over two weeks. She is her regular self, doesn't appear to be waddling, and there aren't any eggs that feel like they are stuck inside of her.

    We have two Wyandottes (hatched April 28). One of them is laying nearly every day and the other hasn't started laying yet. This incident with the ee happened about 2 or 3 days after the Wyandotte began laying. I am wondering if the coop isn't large enough or of there is something else that might be causing the delayed/non-existent laying.

    I've searched other threads and haven't found anything about this specifically.

    Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU!
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    Do you think that she has stolen he nest away and she is now laying in a secret place?

    Any egg laid in a hens sleep or while she is on the roost is prone to cracking or worst.
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    May 28, 2014
    I thought that might be a possibility but there aren't any hidden places for that to happen. None of our yard is secluded enough for that to happen.
  4. I had a hen steal her nest under the hood of my extra truck. She sat tight until I stopped at the drive in teller at the bank. Then she jumped ship. She started laying in the shrubby outside the bank and when she decided to set again I walked up and caught her. When it comes to a hen hiding her nest never say never.
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    Nov 23, 2013
    MY BABY GIRL a Barr Rock Bossy piggy girl.... laid like 6 to 12 eggs, practice sized eggs that is... then quit when she was sick... that has been over a month. She has tried today to lay. seems to have a problem.. gave her some olive oil in little scrambled egg and some crushed eggshell. Also first time I NOTICED that she took in some "oyster shell" as yesterday. she is almos t8 months old. There was a soft shell egg(practice size) on the poop bd. Im not sure if it was hers.. cause I am not sure where she sat last night on the roost.... there is another hen who is younger no laying yet.....
    coure she is my lil princess since she was the only Girl among the six chicks I bought. the rest were almost adult when obtained....

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