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    so any advice for this first time incubating egg mommy? I have 14 eggs that im going to put in the incubator. I already prepared my boys for the not every one is going to hatch moment but anything else?

    are they like human babies do you talk to them while in the egg? LOL[​IMG]
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    Welcome to the experience and fair warning:hatching is addicting!
    We did our first hatch attempt as a homeschool science project at the beginning ao the school year. Any chicks that were hatched were supposedly going back to my sister's (where we got the eggs) and now here we are hatching and growing our own flock.
    If you haven't had a chance I'd recommend reading the hatching article here on BYC:
    Very good article and indepth with many other links to imprtant info.

    A good share of us are crazy enough that yes, we do talk to them in the egg, and chirp at them, especially at hatch time.

    My advice: run the bator for at least 24 hours before using it to get it steady and learn it's tricks. Use at least two thermometers in the bator and never trust the gages on the bators unless you've tested them for accuracy. Have a good hygrometer to measure humidity, but monitor the air cells to know how to adjust it. Don't count the day you set the eggs as day one, day one starts 24 hours after you set them. Still air incubators should be ran at 101-102 degrees despite manufactor's suggestions. Forced air should average 99.5. 21 days is just an average. You may see some hatch early, you may have some hatch late. Patience is key. After an egg pips it can take up to 24 hours before it zips and hatches. Unless there is really a problem, don't assist. For great candling pics check out:
    Hatching is exciting but so You worry as much as a pregnant woman. When you have questions:ask. Usually you'll get many opinions.
    Just remember everyone has their way to do it and believes that's the best. You'll get many different suggestions and philosophies on 'How to" and "what to and not to do". Use your best judgement and do what works best for YOU.
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